La Folia Story

The story of La Folia begins with passion and a little mischief. Winemaker, Ryan Teeter, an Associate Winemaker at Lavender Ridge at the time, was contemplating an exclusive Italian varietal line of wines – leveraging the beautiful grapes in Gold Country. Through a lot of love (and a lot of sampling), Ryan’s first Zinfandel was big, beautiful and commanding. While he sat tasting the spoils of his first harvest, La Folia played over his speakers. That music is gorgeous…it totally describes everything I’m tasting in this wine, what’s the name? he asked. “La Folia” his friend replied. “It means the madness.”

Hear the recording now. And that’s exactly what you’ll taste in these wines – a delicate balance between the soft nature of sanity and the bold and evolving nature of madness.

Try a bottle of one of our wines and see for yourself what all the crazy talk and awards are all about.