Music paired to wine?



There have been a lot of bloggers over the years who have attempted the very impossible task of suggesting wine pairings to music. Classical is the usual go to, the bubbles of Champagne are a very natural pairing with the ballet scores of Tchaikovsky. Bubbles swirling upward with the languid grace of tulle on costumes of leaping dancers. My father would try to do me one better, taking an unapologeticly American composer like Copland and pairing him with a dry oak-aged Californian Fume’ Blanc. You can compare on body, style, stand out leaders in industries, but that would be missing the point. The impossibility of the task, and the fun of it, is that there is no right answer. When you have the perfect meal, you remember the details that added to it. I doubt it was solely the dish itself, but the company you shared the meal with, the view, the place, the wine, and yes, the music.

So much about finding happiness in your life is enjoying the moment. Cultivating good memories is what La Folia was founded on and mine tend to be centered around food and friends.  I have a new friend who owns a pub near Yosemite National Park. It was there that I was introduced to a Canadian Rockabilly band, comprised of five kids (they hate being called that) who played a blend of rock, blues and jazz with influences from the forties through the late fifties. The drummer and lead vocalist was a spitfire redhead, the saxophone player was an agile Asian-American who lept onto the bar during his solos and the lead guitarist was a misplaced Texan with a pompador. Man, could they play.

We took a CD home, and even now, as I pre-heat the oven (for a simple lemon roast chicken) I am listening to that band. Smiling as I sip my Zinfandel, I sway to the sound of the bass, thinking back to the joy of that night. As the oven beeps, it occurs to me that Zinfandel is my perfect pairing to Rockabilly. Pepper,  bass notes of coffee, earthy tannins and smokey ripe plums hold the melody: high energy, tattooed, cuffed jeans, cigarette packs rolled into the sleeves of white tees, and sweet love songs from a more simple time.

What’s your perfect music pairing?


photo via the 24th street wailers